Smart Garden Gear – Corded Electric Pole Saw

Finding the right electric pole saw can sometimes be difficult if there are many options available. While shopping, it can be easy to wonder which ones are good and which ones are bad because they are all made to look good. Knowing some of the best parts of the electric pole saw will help make a decision on which is a good one to buy.

Black and Decker Cordless Pole Saw

As the name implies, this pole saw is excellent for users who do not want to be tied down with a cord. It is electric, it comes with the battery that is needed to power it, and it even includes an extension that allows reaching into high spaces.

Remington Ranger Electric Chainsaw Combination

Not only is this product a pole saw, it is also a combination chainsaw. It allows versatility in use and has extension capabilities that allow it to trim up to 15 feet above the ground. It also has a secure locking mechanism that makes the extension safer for use.

GreenWorks Pole Saw

This saw is a light and versatile option. It allows the user to extend it up to eight feet, which is perfect for most homeowners. The aluminum shaft is lightweight and easy to handle. The self-oiling mechanism allows for less maintenance time and requires little effort to keep the chains consistently oiled.

Black and Decker Lithium Ion Pole Pruning Saw

As a pruning saw, this tool is able to go above and beyond. It has a lithium battery that is interchangeable with other lawn tools. It allows for a 14 foot overhead reach and has a cutting surface that is able to prune up to six inches in diameter at one time.

Remington Gas Pole Saw

While not in the traditional form of an electric pole saw, this gas saw allows for more power and more capabilities than the electric versions. The saw works with many different attachments allowing it to be nearly any lawn tool that is needed for a yard including a hedge trimmer and blower.

Important things to consider when looking for electric pole saws are their reaching abilities, your cord preference, and the amount of ease of use that is available in the saw. When someone is looking for a pole saw, it is important to consider personal needs of the saw including where it will be used, if it will be used overhead, and how often it will be used at your garden.

6 Top Rated Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners for Home Cleaning

You may not have thought of purchasing a cordless wet and dry vacuum. However, no one should be without this item in a home or business. Keep your cordless wet and dry vacuum charged and ready to use for any emergency. This product takes care of the safety issues involved, a wet and dry vacuum is a necessary tool that all homeowners need.

Wet and dry vacuums are an essential piece of equipment for any home, office, or workshop of any type. Safety is at the forefront of owning a wet and dry vacuum to clean up messes that only cause slips and falls. These vacuums clean up dust, shavings, and water. These vacuums are an essential tool for any homeowner or business owner to keep floors and surfaces clean and free from debris beyond what a typical vacuum cleaner can perform and especially if there is a water emergency.

When buying a wet and dry vacuum, you will need to research the reviews of each product and read the ‘verified’ reviews on each product. It is a sure bet that not everyone is going to give a positive review on a product. However, you will want to look for the number of higher reviews, four to five stars for a product before investing your hard-earned money in that product. Learn what others have learned before you make your purchase. After you have used the product be sure to go to the product website and add your pros and cons.

This product needs to be cordless for highest functionality, versatility, have powerful suction, contain a suitable debris container, made of durable material outside to prevent dents and damage. The unit needs to be affordable and carry a warranty, such as found in some of the following products.

1. Cordless/Corded Wet-Dry Vacuum by DEWALT DCV581H 18/20-Volt

This wet and dry vacuum offer all of the above features including consumers rated this unit at nearly a five-star rating. DeWALT makes this cordless wet-dry vacuum. This unit provides 18/20-Volt Maximum and operated with an AC outlet or with an 18 volt or 20-volt battery. The HEPA filter on this unit captures just under 100% of all allergens. The filter is washable. The anti-crush hose attachment is five foot in length.

2. Milwaukee 0880-20 18-Volt Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

This 18-Volt wet-dry vacuum features by Milwaukee rates as a 4.5 product through consumer reviews. This unit works off from slide-on batteries. There is a strong and powerful suction to this unit with excellent air flow. This vacuum is as large as a small tool box and is easy to store, carry and transport. There is a storage area in this vacuum for accessories and hose. The built-in blower port makes this tool great for wet and dry jobs. The filter is a HEPA, which is high efficiency.

3. Cordless wet-dry vacuum model #107127 by ProTeam

This cordless vacuum offers 18-Volt from an ion battery. This unit requires 30 minute charge time and runs for 11 min. The tank holds up to three gallons. The hose expands up to seven feet. The attachments to this unit include a charger, filter, battery, crevice tool hose, and dust brush. This vacuum is rated a four-star by consumers who purchased this item.

4. Kabalo Cordless wet-dry vacuum

This cordless vacuum is made by Kabalo and offers 12 volts. This product works well for vehicles and boats. It has two hoses that attach to the side and top of the unit. This vacuum has the following accessories, a crevice attachment, upholstery brush, and nozzle. This vacuum plugs into a 12Volt cigarette lighter to recharge.

5. Rubbermaid cordless wet-dry vacuum

This wet-dry vacuum by Rubbermaid is a backpack type of vacuum. It operates from 8-Amp with a 10-quart container. This product is noise sensitive and quiet during operation. This product is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to carry. The particular design of this product keeps heat away from the body and has excellent airflow. The swivel hose makes this unit flexible and easy maneuver. This product comes with a crevice tool, an extremely durable cord that is 40-feet in length aluminum wands, flexible hose, an upholstery tool, sealed vacuum bags, and dusting brush.

6. The Hoover wet-dry vacuum, C2401

The Hoover Company makes a 4.5-star wet-dry cordless vacuum designed as a, less than 10-pound, shoulder backpack style. The backpack attachment collects all the debris. This collection pack has a transparent dome so that the user can see when the bag needs emptying. This product is designed to clean anywhere, including small spaces and narrow areas. Consumers can purchase HEPA inserts that are paper or cloth. This type of filter collects nearly 100% of all allergens. The accessory kit for this product includes the backpack, crevice tool, 2-inch dusting brush, 60-inch locking hose, two straight metal wands that are 38-inches, a floor tool attachment, and a four-inch upholstery tool.

Remember that when you invest your hard earned money in such an essential and necessary product, you will want to do your research and read all the positive reviews. The bottom line is that you need this product to keep your home and business safe and clean.

Metabo DS 200 8-inch Bench Grinder

The Metabo DS 200 8-inch Bench Grinder is a must have for every workshop. You can maintain the sharpened edges of all your tools in addition to smoothing the edges of wood and metal projects. Dull scissors, hoe, saw blade? Not a problem with the quick spinning action of the corundum grinding wheels. The clean finish left by the wheel makes the grinder the perfect solution for removing welds or other imperfections in the material. You are sure to surprise yourself with the potential uses of the bench grinder.

Sturdy Structure

This sturdy machine is substantial enough for industrial use, but simply constructed for the home workshop. The Metabo bench grinder is a mere 40.4 pounds fitting easily on the end of a workbench or a separate pedestal. Its economical size still produces the power needed to complete your projects

Comfortable and Satisfying

The low-noise and low-vibration helps keep the work environment comfortable. Without the dance of vibration, the Metabo bench grinder is steady and balanced where placed. The electric powered induction motor is maintenance-free and comes with a one year general warranty with an online offer of a three year warranty.

Dynamic Motor

This 4.8 amp bench grinder is safe and efficient. The single phase alternating current varies the voltage supply keeping the the Metabo bench grinder from overloading. This electrical tool has plenty of power to create over 3,500 wheel revolutions per minute.

Protective Covers

The die-cast aluminum protective covers offer protection from the wheels on either side of the motor housing. With the quick spin of the wheels, you are protected from the force of power produced and the flying debris. In conjunction with the safety glasses, the operator of the Metabo bench grinder will be protected.

Changing Discs

The protective cover bayonet lock is quick and simple for disc changing. Although the Metabo bench grinder comes with two grinding wheels, you may want to add other wheels to your tool box such as the wire wheel or buffing wheel. There are several wheels with different uses for unique projects, and the disc changing process will not slow you down.

The utility offered by the Metabo DS 200 8-inch grinder makes it a must have item in the workshop. Large or small grinding needs, it does not matter. Metabo is here. Offering industrial quality in a convenient user-friendly size, can you imagine another day without one?

Skil Tool Drill Press

We know exactly what to get the man of your house for Father’s Day! No more browsing and wondering and imagining a gift’s usefulness. Every man and quite frankly, many tool handy women consider the Skil tool drill press their most valuable tool. This Drill Press set includes an awesome ten inch Drill Press with Laser 3320-01, Cast Iron Base/Work Table, two included AA Batteries, the Chuck Key and most importantly, is eligible for SKIL’s Father’s Day Promotion! The set weighs 31 lbs and carries a one year warranty with a 30 day money back guarantee. It measures 21inx15inx9in and carries 120 volts. Fully equipped, all he has to do Father’s Day morning is turn it on!

This is one quality tool extremely well built, smooth and quiet in operation. The machine gives the feel and guidance of a precision tool instead of a plain basement drill press. It appears to be of the brands costing twice this tool’s price. Buyers will know immediately because they will switch immediately to this Skil high powered, quiet and better made tool.

The laser really does work!

This laser is also a great assist when drilling small holes so long as the user remembers to remove the batteries when it isn’t going to be used for a period of time. Important usefulness for the home and hobby shop, with no downside sacrifices. This drill press can be used for cutting sea glass, keeping the safety measure of allowing water only on the drill bit and not submerging the entire unit. The drill can drill several small holes close together without losing the base product’s strength. The fore mentioned statements about women using this tool were not overstated.

The tool savvy working women find this Skil tool press so valuable it is always positioned nearest to their working station for fast and repeated useage.

  • It does not require brute strength to turn out a masterful piece of work.
  • The Skil Press permits exacting techniques and perfect measurements
  • These exacting features are usually not found in many drill presses.
  • Drill Press Will Last For Years
  • This Skil press will last for years of excellent service because it is made with cast iron base and table, plus all its parts fit very well.
  • Customer Service The Best

Should the drill press have any problems, the purchaser will be very pleased with the quality of the customer service rendered by the staff and the immediacy of that service.

Pros of this Skil Press:

  • High quality
  • Lower priced than competitors
  • Built to Last for years, made of cast iron and fitted parts
  • Strong enough to work like a heavy duty machine but easily handled.
  • Measurements are exact and true; drill holes are perfectly measured.
  • Customer service is excellent, a factor not always found in tool companies. Item has one year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

Cons of this Skil Drill Press:

The only possible (not probable) drawback for this Skil Drill Press is it is made for home, hobby and small business. If the purchaser desires a behemoth drill press for heavy construction, he should select one of the industrial Skil presses.

Customer Reviews and Score:

This is the best Skil Drill Press ever made, and its price is very competitive with larger units with bigger name brands. Our testing would give this tool a high five.


The durability of a significant utility tool that will last the owner for many years is significant. It is made of cast iron, table and fitted parts that will not ever fail the worker and the work.

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers – Editor’s Picks

Have you ever seen a beautifully manicured lawn with hedges to die for? You go back to your own home, look at your mangled hedges and wonder how they could possibly look better? Well, now they can with these easy to handle cordless trimmers.

Black and Decker 20V Max Lithium Ion Cordless 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer. This powerful light-weight cordless trimmer utilizes a max lithium-ion battery. This rechargeable battery is the same type used in the military, electric vehicles and in aerospace applications. This trimmer will allow you to trim up to 3,000 square feet before recharging. It will cut branches up to three quarters of an inch in thickness. It comes with a two year limited warranty, battery and energy star qualified charger.

Black and Decker 18-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer. With the nicad rechargeable, long lasting battery life and the 22 inch dual blade that gives you 40 percent less vibration, it makes for an easier handling experience. You can trim up to 2,500 square feet before recharging and with the full wrap around front handle; you will be comfortable managing those angles.

Black and Decker 20 volt Max Lithium Ion Pole Hedge Trimmer. This trimmer has a longer battery lifespan and retains its charge five times more than the nicad battery. The head and power ends of this trimmer allow it to connect for a useable length of 6.5 feet and give it the capability to trim up to 10 feet. For greater mobility, the 180 degree pivoting head is able to lock into five different positions which helps make trimming those hard to reach places a lot easier and eliminates a lot of the bending. There is a 7/16th inch gap between the 18 inch dual-action cutting blades which provides more comfort. This unit can be stored and transported as it easily disassembles.

WORX WG255 20-Inch 20-volt Max Lithium Cordless Hedge Trimmer. You’ll have a long lifespan with this max lithium battery. The reduced vibration of the dual action blades allow for smooth cutting. The two-handed multi-grip switch system is a great feature that eliminates accidental starting. The light weight of this trimmer makes it easy to handle at 8.9 pounds. The trimmer is a great quality tool with its rust proof aluminum blade which makes it easy to clean.

Toro 51496 Cordless 24-inch 24-volt lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer. A great trimmer with a long lasting battery life that allows most full yards to be trimmed with battery life to spare. The hardened-steel dual action blades come in 24-inch long cutting bar that easily cuts through branches up 5/8 inches thick, these blades makes it much easier on your arms. The exclusive design of the handle allows for a 90 degree rotation which enables greater mobility especially for those hard to reach areas. The swivel action makes trimming a breeze. It measures at 8 by 8 by 36 inches and has a two year warranty.

Garden Theme Idea

Here are some popular style elements to help you continue clarifying what you want.

How to Choose a Food Processor Before You Buy

Food processors can save you tons of time in the kitchen. Food processors can chop, dice and blend foods. Some can even need dough. You can save hours on a weekly basis by purchasing a food processor. There are many different types and brands on the market. It might be difficult to decide which one is best for you. There are a few main points to take into consideration when purchasing a food processor such as capacity, function and price range.

Choosing the right capacity

There are various sizes of food processors available on the market. Larger food processor often have more functions then the smaller models. However, if you are only planning to use your new food processor for specific purposes a smaller one might suffice.

You should also take into consideration the amount of counter space you have available for your new food processor. Larger food processors can take up a substantial amount of counter space. Smaller food processors are often referred to as food choppers.

Also the feeding tube for food processors often varies. Getting a food processor with a larger feeding tube can save you some time. You can save time by not having to cut larger foods down to scale.


You might think that all food processors do the same thing. Well, that is basically true. But the true value of the appliance is not in what they do. It is how well they do it. There are many food processors on the market that have several different settings for each function. If you cook frequently you might find that many of these are very useful. Some even have touch pad controls.

Cost versus Quality

Food processors can range anywhere from fifty dollars to a few hundred dollars. Off-brand cheaper food processors are often louder and less functional then their more expensive counterparts. Sometimes it is worth it in the long run to spend a little more. After all, you only want to purchase the item once. If you do not intend to use it frequently a cheaper version might last you for a while but eventually you will have to replace it.

Some of the better brands have extended warranties. If you are planning on using your food processor frequently it might benefit you to purchase a better brand. The warranty might be beneficial for extended use.

Best Budget Bench Vise Reviews

A bench vise is a very versatile tool that can be used for many different things. They are attached to workbenches and can be used when working with wood and metal. When working with wood, bench vises can be used to hold the wood together when glued so that the glue can set. Bench vises can also be very helpful when sawing and drilling because the vises can hold things in place while work is being done. The vises themselves can be made of wood or metal and some have pads on them that help to keep the bench from being scratched.

There are many different types of bench vises on the market to choose from. Yost Vises makes a 250 model that is 2.5″ and sells for $65.57 on The jaw width is 2.5″ and it can open to a width of 2.25″. These specifications are important to know about because they can help the worker determine what the vise is capable of holding. The vise weighs 4 pounds and is made of iron.

There is a Wilton bench vise that sells for $79.99 on and has a 4.5″ jaw width. The jaw opening is 4″ and the throat depth is 2 and 5/8″. This bench vise from Wilton is the 11126 674 model and it weighs one pound.

Another kind of bench vise on the market is the Tekton 5409 bench vise. This bench vise has an 8″ jaw width and weighs 42.6 pounds. The jaw opening on this tool is 6 and 3/8″ with a throat depth of 3 and 7/16″. It is made of steel and has a psi tensile strength of 60,000. Tensile strength is the resistance to stress that a material is capable of. It is often measured in psi, or pounds per square inch. This item sells for $145.94 on

There is another kind of Yost bench vise that is sold on This one sells for $79.99, has a model number of 445, and has a 4.5″ jaw width. At 16 pounds, it is larger than the 250 model and it is also made of iron.

The Grizzly G7062 multi-purpose bench vise has a 5″ jaw opening that can rotate 360 degrees and it weighs 45 pounds. Also, the vise has an anvil face. It sells for $110.99 on

Bench vises are versatile tools and they can be a valuable addition to a workshop.

Winter Maintenance For Your Home – Snow Blowers

Winter-MaintenanceSnow blowers are machines that remove snow from such areas as sidewalks, driveways, ice rinks, railroad tracks and houses. There are two types of snow blowers: Single-stage and Two-stage. The Single-stage snow blower is a light duty machine. The Two-stage snow blower is a heavy duty snow blower and has more than one-low speed metal auger.

Snow Blowers make the job Easier

Snow is heavy and difficult to lift; especially if you have a lot of snow to get rid of. However, with today’s snow blowers, they can make the job easy and simply to do. Snow blowers are especially helpful for those who have health concerns that make it difficult to do this kind of work outside. To own a snow blower is a wonderful way to turn a difficult job into an easy job. Keep in mind that a snow blower is very effective when clearing compacted and dense snow. In addition a snow blower has an adjustable chute deflector and power-drive wheels, which make turning easy and safe.

Some tips to help

There are tips that can help when using a snow blower such as making sure that the gas tank is filled with fresh stabilized fuel and making sure that the oil is filled to the proper level. If you own a stage two snow blower, ensure that all parts have been installed correctly. Most importantly, be sure that your sidewalk is clear of any objects that could get in the way. Some also recommend wearing gloves, colorful clothing and safety glasses. Reading the owner’s manual is also suggested so that you understand how to operate the controls such as the drive clutch and steering levers.

More tips and Safety Issues

Another hint is to start your snow blower in the garage with the door open or outside. Once you have the snow blower up and running, be sure to keep both of your hands on the machine. If you have an extension cord on your machine, check your owner’s manual to find out how to use the extension cord safely. It is important to go at a steady and slow pace when using your snow blower.

There are certain things a person should “not” do with a snow blower such as never leaving it running when you are not there, never cleaning out the augers or chute with your feet or hands, never pointing the chute at cars, people or buildings, never refueling when the engine is on, never starting the snow blower in an enclosed area and never using the snow blower to clear away another except snow. Another tip that will keep your snow blower operating well is to wipe it down before you put it away.

To conclude, a snow blower can save you a lot of time, effort and energy and is a machine that many can’t do without!

2015 Top 5 Electric Meat Grinders Comparison

Electric-Meat-GrinderIf you like making your own sandwiches at the convenience of your kitchen like I do then you will enjoy being able to slice your own meat or even vegetables. Every consumer now has the option of safely being able to slice the meat of their choice at home with the same ease as the staff at the local deli. I like having an electric meat slicer in my own kitchen because I can reduce my meat purchase cost and my annual shopping budget. Additionally, I can cut my meat to the widths I prefer at any time.

The makers of electric meat slicers have provided the average consumer with both a selection of models, based on the consumer’s needs as well as costs, to meet the consumer’s budget. More importantly, they have also taken the precaution of including various safety features for the protection of children as well as consumers. I have listed a few of my favorites below.

Chef’s Choice International 632 “7 Inch” Gourmet VariTilt Food Slicer. The price range online for this model has listed between $400.00 and $269.24. The model “632 “7 Inch” Gourmet VariTilt Food Slicer” is for household use and sets up upright for meats as well as cheeses. The model has a tilt to “gravity-feed” and can also be used for certain vegetables and breads. The model is designed with a 7 inch surgical stainless steel blade and posses a child proof safety switch.

Continental PS77711 Professional Series Deli Slicer. Priced at around $137.00, this model is compact but still supports a “7.5″ blade made out of heavy cast iron. The blade is powered by a 150 watt motor. In addition to meats and cheeses this model can also slice vegetables and select deli breads.

Chef’s Choice Premium 610 7 Inch Food Slicer. This unit is priced between $129.00 and $155.00. designed to fit any kitchen counter top, this unit stands at 16.3 x 12.4 x 11.9 inches in counter top space. This model is made of cast aluminum and stainless steel, which includes the slicer, which is gear driven and cool run with a high torque motor. The 7-inch, all-purpose, stainless steel blade can slice fine to 3/4-inch slices.

MaxiMatic EMT-503B Elite Gourmet 130-Watt Die-Cast-Aluminum Electric Food Slicer, Black. This economically priced unit at $79.99 is housed in die cast aluminum and can delicately slice meats, fish, cheeses, deli breads and firm vegetables. The “7.5″ stainless steel blade is removable and retractable.

Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer. Priced at $141.45 to $195.00 this unit is sturdy with all of its major components built of cast aluminum and stainless steel. The unit is measured at 15 by 11 inches and fits very well on your counter top. The 7 inch stainless steel blade can slice a variety of deli products to varying widths.


Each consumer should select the electric meat slicer that best meets their budget and provides the ease of use and safety that consumers are use to and will enjoy. I found that I could not make a bad choice with any of the selections listed above!

Five Appliance Features that Make Mom’s Life Easier

appliance-repairWhat’s one thing that the average American working mom is always looking forward to when arriving home from work? Think about that, how does a normal, hard working mom feel at the end of any given day? Well, “tired,” of course! They would like to have a nice, hassle-free evening, just like anyone else would. With the advancement of technology, there are many alternatives to traditional stove-top and oven cooking. The microwave oven has to be close to the top of the list. The new digital displayed, touch menu microwaves are nice, considering the top kitchen appliances that moms would use for time saving. The digital, touch menu microwaves are among the latest tech choices.

Whirlpool Auto Sensor Dishwasher

Let’s cut to the chase, dishwashers save busy moms time in the kitchen. Whirlpool seems to be at the top when deciding on the best ones. With the latest auto sensor types, dishes will sure to come out sparkling clean, without those troublesome spots. The drying process is fast and effective too.

KitchenAid 3 Cup Food Processor

Knives are a thing of the past, with fewer dangers and less visits to the emergency room. With various quick-step recipes, a top notch food processor is key for saving time with getting meals prepared. This food processor is excellent with its easy-toss-in-dishwasher bowl and blade. A perfect gadget for moms when chopping and mixing. Essentially a whole new way of combining ingredients quickly.

Hamilton Beach 5 Quart Slow Cooker

What working mom doesn’t love slow cookers? With this handy appliance, one can basically cook a whole meal while at work. This specific slow cooker heats up quickly and gets the job done efficiently. In addition, the clean up with this slow cooker is fast and relatively a no-brainer. Slow cookers are an all-around favorite with busy moms considering time saving in the kitchen.

Stainless Steel 2 Layers Food Steamer

This gem of an appliance lets Mom prepare food the healthy way without cooking oil. It is best known for its energy and time saving qualities. It’s fashionably designed and so quick and easy to clean. In addition, there is a handy one-sound reminder when food is fully steamed. Steaming is an ideal, healthy way of cooking vegetables and other foods. With these time saving appliances, moms are able to enjoy family time more and spend less time in the kitchen.