6 Top Rated Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners for Home Cleaning

You may not have thought of purchasing a cordless wet and dry vacuum. However, no one should be without this item in a home or business. Keep your cordless wet and dry vacuum charged and ready to use for any emergency. This product takes care of the safety issues involved, a wet and dry vacuum is a necessary tool that all homeowners need.

Wet and dry vacuums are an essential piece of equipment for any home, office, or workshop of any type. Safety is at the forefront of owning a wet and dry vacuum to clean up messes that only cause slips and falls. These vacuums clean up dust, shavings, and water. These vacuums are an essential tool for any homeowner or business owner to keep floors and surfaces clean and free from debris beyond what a typical vacuum cleaner can perform and especially if there is a water emergency.

When buying a wet and dry vacuum, you will need to research the reviews of each product and read the ‘verified’ reviews on each product. It is a sure bet that not everyone is going to give a positive review on a product. However, you will want to look for the number of higher reviews, four to five stars for a product before investing your hard-earned money in that product. Learn what others have learned before you make your purchase. After you have used the product be sure to go to the product website and add your pros and cons.

This product needs to be cordless for highest functionality, versatility, have powerful suction, contain a suitable debris container, made of durable material outside to prevent dents and damage. The unit needs to be affordable and carry a warranty, such as found in some of the following products.

1. Cordless/Corded Wet-Dry Vacuum by DEWALT DCV581H 18/20-Volt

This wet and dry vacuum offer all of the above features including consumers rated this unit at nearly a five-star rating. DeWALT makes this cordless wet-dry vacuum. This unit provides 18/20-Volt Maximum and operated with an AC outlet or with an 18 volt or 20-volt battery. The HEPA filter on this unit captures just under 100% of all allergens. The filter is washable. The anti-crush hose attachment is five foot in length.

2. Milwaukee 0880-20 18-Volt Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

This 18-Volt wet-dry vacuum features by Milwaukee rates as a 4.5 product through consumer reviews. This unit works off from slide-on batteries. There is a strong and powerful suction to this unit with excellent air flow. This vacuum is as large as a small tool box and is easy to store, carry and transport. There is a storage area in this vacuum for accessories and hose. The built-in blower port makes this tool great for wet and dry jobs. The filter is a HEPA, which is high efficiency.

3. Cordless wet-dry vacuum model #107127 by ProTeam

This cordless vacuum offers 18-Volt from an ion battery. This unit requires 30 minute charge time and runs for 11 min. The tank holds up to three gallons. The hose expands up to seven feet. The attachments to this unit include a charger, filter, battery, crevice tool hose, and dust brush. This vacuum is rated a four-star by consumers who purchased this item.

4. Kabalo Cordless wet-dry vacuum

This cordless vacuum is made by Kabalo and offers 12 volts. This product works well for vehicles and boats. It has two hoses that attach to the side and top of the unit. This vacuum has the following accessories, a crevice attachment, upholstery brush, and nozzle. This vacuum plugs into a 12Volt cigarette lighter to recharge.

5. Rubbermaid cordless wet-dry vacuum

This wet-dry vacuum by Rubbermaid is a backpack type of vacuum. It operates from 8-Amp with a 10-quart container. This product is noise sensitive and quiet during operation. This product is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to carry. The particular design of this product keeps heat away from the body and has excellent airflow. The swivel hose makes this unit flexible and easy maneuver. This product comes with a crevice tool, an extremely durable cord that is 40-feet in length aluminum wands, flexible hose, an upholstery tool, sealed vacuum bags, and dusting brush.

6. The Hoover wet-dry vacuum, C2401

The Hoover Company makes a 4.5-star wet-dry cordless vacuum designed as a, less than 10-pound, shoulder backpack style. The backpack attachment collects all the debris. This collection pack has a transparent dome so that the user can see when the bag needs emptying. This product is designed to clean anywhere, including small spaces and narrow areas. Consumers can purchase HEPA inserts that are paper or cloth. This type of filter collects nearly 100% of all allergens. The accessory kit for this product includes the backpack, crevice tool, 2-inch dusting brush, 60-inch locking hose, two straight metal wands that are 38-inches, a floor tool attachment, and a four-inch upholstery tool.

Remember that when you invest your hard earned money in such an essential and necessary product, you will want to do your research and read all the positive reviews. The bottom line is that you need this product to keep your home and business safe and clean.

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