Best Budget Bench Vise Reviews

A bench vise is a very versatile tool that can be used for many different things. They are attached to workbenches and can be used when working with wood and metal. When working with wood, bench vises can be used to hold the wood together when glued so that the glue can set. Bench vises can also be very helpful when sawing and drilling because the vises can hold things in place while work is being done. The vises themselves can be made of wood or metal and some have pads on them that help to keep the bench from being scratched.

There are many different types of bench vises on the market to choose from. Yost Vises makes a 250 model that is 2.5″ and sells for $65.57 on The jaw width is 2.5″ and it can open to a width of 2.25″. These specifications are important to know about because they can help the worker determine what the vise is capable of holding. The vise weighs 4 pounds and is made of iron.

There is a Wilton bench vise that sells for $79.99 on and has a 4.5″ jaw width. The jaw opening is 4″ and the throat depth is 2 and 5/8″. This bench vise from Wilton is the 11126 674 model and it weighs one pound.

Another kind of bench vise on the market is the Tekton 5409 bench vise. This bench vise has an 8″ jaw width and weighs 42.6 pounds. The jaw opening on this tool is 6 and 3/8″ with a throat depth of 3 and 7/16″. It is made of steel and has a psi tensile strength of 60,000. Tensile strength is the resistance to stress that a material is capable of. It is often measured in psi, or pounds per square inch. This item sells for $145.94 on

There is another kind of Yost bench vise that is sold on This one sells for $79.99, has a model number of 445, and has a 4.5″ jaw width. At 16 pounds, it is larger than the 250 model and it is also made of iron.

The Grizzly G7062 multi-purpose bench vise has a 5″ jaw opening that can rotate 360 degrees and it weighs 45 pounds. Also, the vise has an anvil face. It sells for $110.99 on

Bench vises are versatile tools and they can be a valuable addition to a workshop.

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