Emergency First-Aid Kit Checklist to Be Prepared


How many times have you sliced your finger on a rogue knife while putting away the dishes, nicked yourself while working with your tools, or had to tend to a child’s scraped knee only to find that you were ill equipped to do so because you didn’t notice that it had completely slipped your mind at the supermarket to buy band-aids? Countless, I’m sure, because it happens to everybody, every day! It’s nothing to feel bad about or be embarrassed by, but it is something to take seriously and fix now before another accident is had. Everyone wants to know that there is a sense of security and safety surrounding their family, and having a first aid medical kit is the perfect first step into the right direction. Not every first aid kit will work though to suit all of your needs, which is precisely why the THRIVE First Aid Kit has been made specifically to suit your needs.

Manufactured in an FDA registered sterile facility and only being sold by companies that are registered by the FDA, you can’t get any cleaner than that of the lightweight THRIVE First Aid Kit which has been crafted with vinyl and rip-stop nylon and is stock full of a whopping 285 products of medical supplies which all hospital quality. With ten different types of bandages, including two PBD bandages, two large first aid bandages, two crepe bandages, four non-woven dressing bandages, one cotton elastic bandage, one non-woven triangle bandage, and twenty adhesive bandages in each of the following sizes: large, medium, small, and round, the THRIVE First Aid Kit is ready for any cut or scrape that comes your way.

But that’s not all it has. The Thrive First Aid Kit also includes one non-woven pad, one non-woven tape, one wound burn dressing in both a large and small size, and four eye pads for the use of eye injury or if you have a child with amblyopia or any member of your family dealing with extroacular muscle palsy. Of course, what First Aid Kit would be complete without a much neccesary pair of scissors to trim the edges of all this equipment, twnety antiseptic cleaning wipes and an instant ice pack? Trust me when I say we’ve thought of everything. On top of all that we also have a mouth to mouth mask for severe situations where one party may not be breathing and you need significant help while waiting for an ambulance to find you as well as an emergency blanket for hypothermia, two pairs of PVC gloves, twenty alcohol pads, 20 non-adherent pads, forty cotton buds, five gauze pads, two cooling patches, fifty cotton balls, a pair of metal tweezers, ten safety pins and even a notebook, pencil, and emergency whistle.

The only thing missing from this compact bag of helpful tools resembling that of a medical Mary Poppins’ bag is a flare gun. Needless to say, when buying a THRIVE First Aid Kit you are forever in good hands and can rest easy with the peace of mind that you have everything you could ever possibly need in regards to any sort of form of incident that would merit the attention of medical intervention. Not only is it perfect for every possible scenario, but it’s also so surprisingly small that you can take it anywhere and store it anywhere as well. Never will there be another day when you’ll be found in an uncomfortable and scary situation of having to panic thanks to not having all the proper equipment to take care of the people you care about who are currently hurt.

It’s not just boy scouts who need to always be prepared. No one knows when an accident is going to occur so we all have to make sure to be prepared for the worst case scenario at every moment of every day, and with the help of the THRIVE First Aid Kit no longer will you ever have to worry that your missing something that could help benefit the safety of yourself, your friends, your coworkers, and your family. That’s why we have car insurance and health insurance, and that’s why you should buy THRIVE first aid kit. It’s the best first aid kit you’ll ever be able to find. Don’t wait until it’s too late, buy THRIVE First Aid Kit today so that you can have everything you need if during the next accident. Be the hero you can be; be prepared like you should be.

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