Gauging The Best TV LCD Wall Mount Tilting Bracket For Your Home

Mounting arms are designed to give you more adjustment room with your flat-screen television. They are installed directly onto the wall and feature mounting holes that keep the TV safe and securely held to the bracket. There are a variety of models on the market, many of which will vary depending on the size of televisions they can support and their weight rating.

Choosing between these models is tough, but carefully reading the following descriptions can give you a better insight into each. Make sure to fully understand these ratings before purchase.

VideoSecu MW380B2

The VideoSecu fits LCD and LED plasma display televisions from 37 inches to 70 inches wide. It supports up to 165 pounds and can adjust 15 degrees up and down with easy-to-control side-to-side comfort swiveling. Pull it away from your wall anywhere from four to 25 inches.

Mounting Dream MD2296

If you’re looking for a UL certified television mount, the Mounting Dream is your choice. It fits televisions that have mounting spots of four by four inches and up to 24 by 16 inches. Tilting is limited to five degrees up but can rotate 15 degrees down. Comes with a six-foot HDMI cable and a bubble level to make installation easier.

VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount

This VideoSecu mount is rated for up to 88 pounds and is compatible with VESA mounting hole patterns. These range from four by four inch to up to 16 by 16 inches. Level adjustment is included with each bracket, making it easy to fix your television at the best angle. A 10-foot HDMI cable and a three-axis level are also included.

Articulating Arm 32-50 inch TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount

The six-arm design of this particular model make sit one of the most attractive and secure wall brackets on the market. It can easily swivel, tilt, pan, and even extend from the wall. Although rated at 66 pounds, safety tests by the UL have found it can support four times that weight. This helps it hold up against the wear and tear of daily use.

VideoSecu TV Wall Mount Articulating Arm Tilt Swivel Bracket

This small-model arm bracket is designed to hold up to 33 pounds in televisions from 15 to 24 inches in side. It includes a slide-in installation method that makes it easy to mount and nearly limitless adjustment. With a tilt of 20 degrees and an extension range of 14 inches, this is a very adaptable little mount.


TV wall mount brackets like this are a great way to make your home more stylish. It also helps make it easier to have people over to watch movies and television shows, as it opens up room for more people to join. Choose carefully and you’ll be satisfied with any of these mounts.

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