Metabo DS 200 8-inch Bench Grinder

The Metabo DS 200 8-inch Bench Grinder is a must have for every workshop. You can maintain the sharpened edges of all your tools in addition to smoothing the edges of wood and metal projects. Dull scissors, hoe, saw blade? Not a problem with the quick spinning action of the corundum grinding wheels. The clean finish left by the wheel makes the grinder the perfect solution for removing welds or other imperfections in the material. You are sure to surprise yourself with the potential uses of the bench grinder.

Sturdy Structure

This sturdy machine is substantial enough for industrial use, but simply constructed for the home workshop. The Metabo bench grinder is a mere 40.4 pounds fitting easily on the end of a workbench or a separate pedestal. Its economical size still produces the power needed to complete your projects

Comfortable and Satisfying

The low-noise and low-vibration helps keep the work environment comfortable. Without the dance of vibration, the Metabo bench grinder is steady and balanced where placed. The electric powered induction motor is maintenance-free and comes with a one year general warranty with an online offer of a three year warranty.

Dynamic Motor

This 4.8 amp bench grinder is safe and efficient. The single phase alternating current varies the voltage supply keeping the the Metabo bench grinder from overloading. This electrical tool has plenty of power to create over 3,500 wheel revolutions per minute.

Protective Covers

The die-cast aluminum protective covers offer protection from the wheels on either side of the motor housing. With the quick spin of the wheels, you are protected from the force of power produced and the flying debris. In conjunction with the safety glasses, the operator of the Metabo bench grinder will be protected.

Changing Discs

The protective cover bayonet lock is quick and simple for disc changing. Although the Metabo bench grinder comes with two grinding wheels, you may want to add other wheels to your tool box such as the wire wheel or buffing wheel. There are several wheels with different uses for unique projects, and the disc changing process will not slow you down.

The utility offered by the Metabo DS 200 8-inch grinder makes it a must have item in the workshop. Large or small grinding needs, it does not matter. Metabo is here. Offering industrial quality in a convenient user-friendly size, can you imagine another day without one?

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