Power Jigsaw Buying Guide – DEWALT DCS331B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Jig Saw Review

JigsawThere are a lot of jig saws on the market. They all claim to be the only jig saw you’ll ever need and promise versatility and results. Well, prepare for what will actually be the only jig saw you’ll ever need: Dewalt’s DCS331B. This is the real deal. You will quickly realize that this is the best jig saw you’ve ever owned after experiencing it’s sturdy build, unmatched comfort, and quality of design. At 20 volts, it’s a powerful tool, and with features such as keyless blade change, keyless shoe bevel, orbital action, and variable speeds, it will deliver exactly the results you demand in your workshop. And if ease-of-use is your thing, these features have been designed with time and efficiency in mind. Whether you want to change a blade without a second thought, easily switch angles for an intricate bevel cut, or just want a an unbeatable jig saw, the DEWALT DCS331B is for you.

Blade Changing

The keyless blade change feature allows for quick and easy blade changing. No more wasting time dealing with loose parts; just unlock and remove the old blade, secure the new one, and you’re ready to go. It accepts T-shank blades which yield a great, professional look.

Bevel Cutting

The shoe bevel makes bevel cutting a snap. You can quickly adjust the shoe (again, without a key) to either 0°, 15°, 30°, or 45° for accurate, perfect cuts.

Orbital Action

Four-position orbital action allows for cutting variations ranging from fast and powerful, to clean and controlled. Cutting through tough hardwood? Select level 3 and it’s a breeze. Or, for delicate, intricate cuts, just select level 1 and get a controlled, perfect cut every time.

Variable Speed

Go from zero to 3,000 strokes per minute for a multitude of cutting abilities. You can easily set your preferences via the trigger.

Pros & Cons

The DCS331B offers sturdy construction, comfortable handling, and ease of use with a variety of cutting options that can take on any job you throw at it. The DCS331B does not come equipped with an LED light which could assist in viewing your work. Be sure to have enough light in your work area.


The Dewalt DCS331B has excellent reviews with a perfect five-star rating onAmazon.com. Don’t delay; head on over to your local home center and experience one of the best jig saws on the market today.

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