Skil Tool Drill Press

We know exactly what to get the man of your house for Father’s Day! No more browsing and wondering and imagining a gift’s usefulness. Every man and quite frankly, many tool handy women consider the Skil tool drill press their most valuable tool. This Drill Press set includes an awesome ten inch Drill Press with Laser 3320-01, Cast Iron Base/Work Table, two included AA Batteries, the Chuck Key and most importantly, is eligible for SKIL’s Father’s Day Promotion! The set weighs 31 lbs and carries a one year warranty with a 30 day money back guarantee. It measures 21inx15inx9in and carries 120 volts. Fully equipped, all he has to do Father’s Day morning is turn it on!

This is one quality tool extremely well built, smooth and quiet in operation. The machine gives the feel and guidance of a precision tool instead of a plain basement drill press. It appears to be of the brands costing twice this tool’s price. Buyers will know immediately because they will switch immediately to this Skil high powered, quiet and better made tool.

The laser really does work!

This laser is also a great assist when drilling small holes so long as the user remembers to remove the batteries when it isn’t going to be used for a period of time. Important usefulness for the home and hobby shop, with no downside sacrifices. This drill press can be used for cutting sea glass, keeping the safety measure of allowing water only on the drill bit and not submerging the entire unit. The drill can drill several small holes close together without losing the base product’s strength. The fore mentioned statements about women using this tool were not overstated.

The tool savvy working women find this Skil tool press so valuable it is always positioned nearest to their working station for fast and repeated useage.

  • It does not require brute strength to turn out a masterful piece of work.
  • The Skil Press permits exacting techniques and perfect measurements
  • These exacting features are usually not found in many drill presses.
  • Drill Press Will Last For Years
  • This Skil press will last for years of excellent service because it is made with cast iron base and table, plus all its parts fit very well.
  • Customer Service The Best

Should the drill press have any problems, the purchaser will be very pleased with the quality of the customer service rendered by the staff and the immediacy of that service.

Pros of this Skil Press:

  • High quality
  • Lower priced than competitors
  • Built to Last for years, made of cast iron and fitted parts
  • Strong enough to work like a heavy duty machine but easily handled.
  • Measurements are exact and true; drill holes are perfectly measured.
  • Customer service is excellent, a factor not always found in tool companies. Item has one year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

Cons of this Skil Drill Press:

The only possible (not probable) drawback for this Skil Drill Press is it is made for home, hobby and small business. If the purchaser desires a behemoth drill press for heavy construction, he should select one of the industrial Skil presses.

Customer Reviews and Score:

This is the best Skil Drill Press ever made, and its price is very competitive with larger units with bigger name brands. Our testing would give this tool a high five.


The durability of a significant utility tool that will last the owner for many years is significant. It is made of cast iron, table and fitted parts that will not ever fail the worker and the work.

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