Throw Your Eco-concerns Away With Greenworks Electric Snow Thrower

Electric Snow ThrowerTired of buying gas when you just want to clear snow? Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint when getting rid of snow? If you’re an eco-conscious person living in the cold, snowy world, Greenworks’ 12 Amp corded snow thrower may be just what you need. It packs enough power to do the job without the fuss of going to the gas station every time you run low on fuel and eliminates pollutants from gas burn off.

One of the things most people who have a snow thrower dread is picking up their gas canister and getting that empty feeling. Greenworks’ Electric snow thrower has solved that problem by eliminating the gas tank all together. You simply plug it in and start throwing snow from your driveway or yard.

The Greenworks snow thrower touts a 25 ft discharge distance for its 12 Amp model. It clears a 20” path while reaching a depth of up to 10” with its innovative rubber-molded steel blade that tops out at 1800 rpm. It has a directional discharge crank provides efficient throw control and throw distance (up to 25ft) offering a 180 degree turning radius, allowing you to disperse snow almost anywhere you want from its adjustable chute. It has large 6” wheels that let you move about gracefully. The 12-amp motor is fully capable of clearing roughly 850 pounds of snow per minute, and weighs in at only 38 pounds. The Greenworks snow thrower comes with a one-touch start button and a safety lock so that cord will not disconnect while working. And to make sure you have peace of mind while using their product, Greenworks backs the quality of its product with a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty.

With all that you not only have peace of mind that you are using a valuable and sturdy product, but that you are also leaving a carbon footprint of zero (0) while using this product to clear your yard or driveway. The Greenworks snow thrower is available in 9 amps, 10 amps, and the 12-amp model for your convenience. You will not have to think about buying gas anymore, no more worrying about what you’re doing to the environment while using clean electric power, but you also have a powerful snow-clearing tool at your disposal. You get to do all that with a 4 year warranty from Greenworks on their products – peace-of-mind in every direction when you’re talking about Greenworks’ snow thrower.

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