Top 10 Must-Own Tools For Home Improvement Jobs

Must-Own ToolsHammers have a iron or steel head and a wood or padded handle. It has a round face for driving nails and delivering force. It can drive small or large nails. A claw hammer has a curved slot in the back, which can grab a nail head and pull it out. A medium sized, steel claw hammer with a rubber grip is excellent for household use.

Screwdrivers have tips designed to fit into the heads of screws. There are four types of screws in wide use, the Phillips, torx, slotted, and recessed bolts. The best screwdriver for household use is an 11 in 1 model with a handle and a tube to hold four different tips in small and medium sizes and three hexagonal bolts drivers. At the very least one should have a screwdriver that has a small and medium tips for slotted and Phillips screws.

Circular saws have blades that cut wood or metal. Fine teeth blades for metal and larger razor edges for wood. A bow hacksaw is an ideal tool that comes with two blades. Users can change the blade for wood or metal cuts as needed. The bow shape is versatile and it works well with boards as well as cutting tree trunks, trimming limbs or other yard tasks. A quality tape measure helps when making a precise cut, or measuring anything. It should be at least 6ft long and push-button lock and retractable control.

Pliers are useful to grip objects for pulling or turning such as bolts and nuts. Every household should have a pair of standard pliers, needle-nose pliers, and Channellock pliers. Needle-nose pliers have a long thin tip for reaching in small spaces and holding or turning wire and small objects. They have a wire cutter built-in. Channellocks open to four widths and give one gripping and turning power at each width. They are helpful with rusted or frozen bolts to make a forceful turn or hold a bolt while another tool turns a stubborn nut. An adjustable wrench compliments pliers. It can be set for an exact size of nut or bolt and adds turning power and holding power.

Level, Safety Knife, And Goggles

Levels are a terrific tools for finding if something is flat or even. They come in various sizes; a two-foot long level is a convenient size for household use. Goggles are a excellent investment. They protect eyes from fumes, dust and flying objects. Safety blades are another valuable tool. This retractable razor is excellent for safely cutting carpeting, tiles, floor laminates, ropes, strings, and straps. Adhesive tapes are useful household tools. Friction tape can keep electrical wires in place, and advanced duct tapes resist heat and can seal broken pipes and hoses on a long-term basis.

Power Drill

An electric drill either battery powered or corded, changes the dynamics of household repairs. It can perform quickly and a large volume. Turning screws and bolts by hand can be difficult in hard materials. A drill can drive four types of screws and bolts quickly and reverse directions to take them out easily. Furniture assembly and repairs particularly benefit from the use of a drill. Pilot holes can prevent splitting and cracking when inserting screws into wood, walls, or other surfaces.

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