TOP Best Angle Grinders

Since 1936, DeWalt has been manufacturing great hand tools, including the best cordless angle grinder – the D2840K 4-1/2-inch. This model is a sleek plastic yellow-and-black disc grinder with a lot of power. Here is why the DeWalt side grinder is considered to be top-of-the-line.

Made for Power and Agility

When metal workers or carpenters think of the DeWalt brand, they think “power.” The DeWalt cordless D2840K 4-1/2-inch angle grinder uses a 10-amp AC/DC 11,000 RPM motor. In field tests, this side grinder outperformed the competition in cutting through excess material.

Measuring 9.1 x 6.6 x 19.9 inches, weighing 1 pound and delivering 1.6 horsepower, the DeWalt cordless angle grinder has a solid, durable design. It is made to complete jobs faster than other products in industrial or home shop environments. This is an advanced product with better features than older models.

Removing Dust and Debris Quickly

Just like a chain saw dispelling the wood shavings to the side, the DeWalt cordless angle grinder model D28402K uses its patented DeWalt Dust Ejection System. The one-piece brush arm ejects the dust particles to prevent the tool from overheating, binding or clogging.

Plenty of Safety Features

DeWalt understands that you want to be able to complete your jobs in a decent amount of time. While a wrench is included in most kits, the DeWalt Cordless D28402K angle grinder also has a quick change release. It is easy to use different high-quality DeWalt discs for different jobs. The grinder grip is plastic-rubber to soften vibrations.

The keyless adjustable guard, versatile flange and spindle-lock button center wheel all show that DeWalt thought carefully about creating a better angle grinder. A variety of accessories can be used with the DeWalt D2840K 4-1/2-inch small-angle grinder.

The auto-off safety feature will turn the grinder off when the brushes are worn. This will improve maintenance and help you avoid potential accidents due to worn equipment. Unlike other grinders with a safety lock obtrusively in your way, the DeWalt places the trigger lock where you won’t accidentally turn it off.

DeWalt is the leader of the pack for a reason. Buyers of this handy angle grinder are excited to get started with their latest shop project. You have a two-position side handle for better maneuvering. When you want power and superior design, then turn to the best cordless angle grinder: DeWalt D2840K 4-1/2-inch.

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