Winter Maintenance For Your Home – Snow Blowers

Winter-MaintenanceSnow blowers are machines that remove snow from such areas as sidewalks, driveways, ice rinks, railroad tracks and houses. There are two types of snow blowers: Single-stage and Two-stage. The Single-stage snow blower is a light duty machine. The Two-stage snow blower is a heavy duty snow blower and has more than one-low speed metal auger.

Snow Blowers make the job Easier

Snow is heavy and difficult to lift; especially if you have a lot of snow to get rid of. However, with today’s snow blowers, they can make the job easy and simply to do. Snow blowers are especially helpful for those who have health concerns that make it difficult to do this kind of work outside. To own a snow blower is a wonderful way to turn a difficult job into an easy job. Keep in mind that a snow blower is very effective when clearing compacted and dense snow. In addition a snow blower has an adjustable chute deflector and power-drive wheels, which make turning easy and safe.

Some tips to help

There are tips that can help when using a snow blower such as making sure that the gas tank is filled with fresh stabilized fuel and making sure that the oil is filled to the proper level. If you own a stage two snow blower, ensure that all parts have been installed correctly. Most importantly, be sure that your sidewalk is clear of any objects that could get in the way. Some also recommend wearing gloves, colorful clothing and safety glasses. Reading the owner’s manual is also suggested so that you understand how to operate the controls such as the drive clutch and steering levers.

More tips and Safety Issues

Another hint is to start your snow blower in the garage with the door open or outside. Once you have the snow blower up and running, be sure to keep both of your hands on the machine. If you have an extension cord on your machine, check your owner’s manual to find out how to use the extension cord safely. It is important to go at a steady and slow pace when using your snow blower.

There are certain things a person should “not” do with a snow blower such as never leaving it running when you are not there, never cleaning out the augers or chute with your feet or hands, never pointing the chute at cars, people or buildings, never refueling when the engine is on, never starting the snow blower in an enclosed area and never using the snow blower to clear away another except snow. Another tip that will keep your snow blower operating well is to wipe it down before you put it away.

To conclude, a snow blower can save you a lot of time, effort and energy and is a machine that many can’t do without!

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